log.php Current game log.

move.php Starts the moving/suggesting process. The current player is listed at the top.
1. Enter password and where you want to go. Only available moves are shown.
2. If you moved to outside a room, it will display your move. Click confirm to confirm, or go back and start over. It will then display your move and an updated board.
3. If entered or stayed in a room, you then choose a weapon and suspect. Click submit.
4. Confirm your suggestion, or go back.
5. The program will then display the entire move and disprove text and current board. Under the board it will tell you the card shown. If there is more than one card it will show you one you have already seen first followed by whatever has the highest number in cards table.
Nothing gets finalized until you get the "Your turn has been finalized." text with the current board.

cards.php It lists cards shown to you, cards you have shown, and the order your cards will be shown.

cardorder.php Shows your cards and their priority number. Higher priority number will be shown first. Click update to change or go back to go to the cards page

accuse.php The accusation page. Only the last player can make an accusation. If its you turn use move.php first, then the accusation page. Enter your password and select your accusation from the dropdown menus. Click submit.The program will then display the accusation. Click confirm to confirm, or go back and start over. It will then display "Winner!" if correct or"Wrong!" if it isn't.

last.php Recreates the last suggestion. Useful if you accidentally close the tab too early.